• Coca-Cola Launching Bluetooth Vending Machine Of The Future
    In the Internet of Things, anything that can be connected ultimately will be connected. One of the most visible things in the everyday landscape is the vending machine, and now Coca-Cola plans to take their machines into the future.
  • Amazon Echo Dominates Smart Speaker Market
    From coming pretty much out of nowhere not that long ago, smart speakers are flooding consumers' homes. Back in early 2016, only 3% of U.S. broadband households owned a smart speaker. Fast forward: today more than a quarter (27%) of homes now have one.
  • Ford Links Waze To Car Screens For Directions
    New cars can come with sensors that detect when the car drifts into another lane or cause the car to brake if a person or object unexpectedly crosses its path, or in-car connectivity allowing hands-free phone calls through the car's sound system.
  • Consumers Say Artificial Intelligence OK For Healthcare, Not Retail, Banking
    Consumers are more comfortable using AI in healthcare situations than in situations related to retail or banking.
  • ABC Adds Augmented Reality For The Royal Wedding
    Yet another group of consumers is about to get a taste of augmented reality. This time, it will be people interested in the royal wedding who also have the ABC News iOS mobile app.
  • AI, Voice Tips From Agency Execs
    As brands and agencies attempt to get their arms around the various aspects of artificial intelligence, a high-powered group of industry executives spent the day yesterday defining what the road ahead may look like along with some navigation tips. Speakers and panelists at the MediaPost Marketing AI conference in New York touched on everything from voice agents to bots.
  • Smart Home Automation, Monitoring Heading To $45 Billion
    It's no secret that the number of smart homes is massively growing, especially with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices flooding the market. It turns out that smart speakers are not the only hot category of smart home products.
  • Uber To Test Drones To Deliver 'Flying Burgers' In 5 Minutes
    Uber wants to expand well beyond its car ride-hailing service. It's Uber Eats, which delivers local food from participating restaurants via Uber vehicles, is heading to the air.
  • Robot Chefs Power New Boston Restaurant
    Combining sophisticated technology with a touch of human know-how can end up providing some high-value sustenance. That's what four MIT graduates and a famous chef ended up doing, creating a robotic, fast-casual restaurant in downtown Boston.
  • Google Assistant Makes A Phone Call, Books An Appointment Speaking To A Human
    Voice agents are on the verge of taking on a new role. The demonstration of Google Duplex at the Google developer conference this week provided a glimpse of what's around at least one corner.
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