• Unlocking The Secrets Of The Dreaded App Uninstall
    After sampling 110 million installs earlier this year, AppsFlyer found that 28% of apps are booted from people's phones within 30 days of being uploaded. For extremely churn-sensitive developers, that percentage should be pretty scary. Yet, because it's representative of app use worldwide, the figure looks different depending on the region in question.
  • KIds Not Immune To Lure Of 'Smart' Toys
    While child privacy issues remain a major obstacle -- and rightly so -- "smart" toys are poised for serious growth over the next several years. In just short five years, the market for smart toys -- and the software on which they run -- will be worth $18 billion.
  • App Market Set For Expansion, Projected Spend To Reach $156B
    How can app makers win in maturing and increasingly competitive markets like the United States? Among other aggressive measures, they need to encourage new app downloads through product innovation and investment in organic and paid installs, according to the latest report from App Annie.
  • Stats Show How Facebook Is Weathering Massive Bad PR
    Fresh findings from AppOptix show that Facebook's key metrics have remained steady since the Cambridge Analytica scandal first erupted, last month. fresh findings from AppOptix show that Facebook's key metrics have remained steady since the Cambridge Analytica scandal first erupted, last month.
  • Next Mobile Challenge: Enabling 'Experience Transformation'
    More than half of U.S. consumers have already shifted from desktop to mobile mode -- meaning they expect to get everything they want or need immediately, using all available context, each time they pick up their mobile device. As Forrester sees it, businesses can only meet these expectations if they view mobile as "an enabler of experience transformation" -- something that only 43% of digital business executives confirm their firms have done.
  • Zuckerberg Gets Off Easy In First Day Of Testimony
    Notwithstanding some stern words from Sen. John Thune (R-SD), lawmakers simply seemed too scattered and tech-illiterate to pin down Zuckerberg.
  • Use Of Mobile Payments Up By 30%
    From privacy worries to security concerns to general tech phobia, not everyone's sold on "mobile wallets." Still, plenty of folks are totally into the idea. Worldwide, a fresh forecast from Juniper Research expects more than 2 million consumers to pay for products and services with a mobile app in 2019 -
  • Cook To Zuckerberg: 'I Told You So'
    That's exactly what Apple CEO Tim Cook -- maybe the most respected exec in Silicon Valley -- is telling anyone who ever doubted that consumer data mining would result in scandals like the one currently engulfing Facebook.
  • Zuckerberg Speaks
    After what seemed like an eternity, Mark Zuckerberg finally addressed the Cambridge Analytica controversy on Wednesday. Explaining the prolonged silence, Facebook's embattled CEO said he was busy trying to understand "exactly what happened," and how to prevent similar abuses going forward.
  • No Surprise: Study Shows Lack Of Diversity In Coder Community
    From mobile developers to designers to data scientists to product managers to system administrators: these are the folks who make the mobile world go 'round. While not always pretty, Stack Overflow's annual developer study paints the clearest picture imaginable of this influential lot.
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