• BuzzFeed Shopping Guide Is 'Editorial,' Not 'Advertising,' Industry Watchdog Says
    The NAD drew a distinction between material published with the motive of attracting readers and selling products: if a publisher's main economic motivation is to draw readers, the content is not advertising; if the primary purpose is to hawk merchandise, the content might be considered advertising.
  • Facebook's Fact-Checking Fail: Weekly Standard Demotes Think Progress
    Facebook recently instituted a fact-checking system aimed at preventing the spread of misinformation on the service. But the company's treatment of a recent Think Progress piece suggests the initiative is half-baked, at best.
  • Justice Department Accuses Tech Companies Of 'Stifling' Speech
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to meet this month with state attorneys general to discuss whether tech companies are "intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms."
  • Net Neutrality Repeal Enables Abuse By Carriers, Groups Tell Court
    The recent repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules could harm large tech platforms, small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers, a wide coalition of groups told a court this week.
  • Verizon Throttles Fire Department Battling Mendocino Blaze
    This summer, when fires raged throughout northern California, firefighters found their ability to combat the blaze hindered by Verizon.
  • Tech Companies Weigh In On Trump's Twitter Blocks
    The Internet Association is urging a federal appellate court to make clear that Twitter can continue to block users -- regardless of whether President Trump may legally do so.
  • ANA Presses For Revisions To California Privacy Bill
    The ANA is pressing California lawmakers to exempt "pseudonymized" data from a new privacy bill.
  • FCC Boosts Google Fiber With New Rules For Utility Poles
    The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved regulations that could help speed broadband deployment and improve competition by making it easier for new entrants like Google Fiber to use existing utility poles.
  • Google Warns Against Possible Expansion Of 'Right To Be Forgotten'
    "We disagreed with the ruling in Europe and would have concerns about this principle being exported to other jurisdictions," Google told the NTIA.
  • Trump Blasts EU Over Google Fine
    The EU "truly have taken advantage of the U.S.," Trump tweeted this morning.
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