• FCC Backs Away From Scheme To Lower Broadband Standards
    Faced with criticism from lawmakers and advocates, the FCC now says that mobile broadband is not a full substitute for wireline service.
  • Net Neutrality Repeal Faces Growing Criticism
    A Senate proposal to revoke the FCC's decision has already garnered the support of more than 40 lawmakers, including Republican Susan Collins of Maine.
  • Alphonso Uses Smartphone Microphones To Gather TV Viewing Data
    Tech company Alphonso TV is in the spotlight this week, following a report about the company's ability to "listen" to the tv shows and ads that play in consumers' living rooms.
  • Indiana Attorney General Sues Hotel That Charged Guest For Bad Review
    Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill sued a hotel for allegedly violating a state consumer protection law by charging a guest $350 for leaving a bad review.
  • Facebook Enables Advertisers To Block Job Ads Based On Age
    Facebook is allowing advertisers, including Verizon, Target and Amazon, to block job ads from being shown to users over the age of 40.
  • Publicity Fears Will Keep Broadband Providers In Line, FCC Republican Claims
    FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly said Thursday that fears over bad publicity would keep broadband providers from blocking or throttling content.
  • Net Neutrality Supporters Blast FCC, Prepare For Court Battle
    Open internet rules are "as critical as freedom of speech," Washington's governor tells the FCC.
  • FCC Chair Claims Net Neutrality Hinders Telemedicine
    "By ending the outright ban on paid prioritization, we hope to make it easier for consumers to benefit from services that need prioritization -- such as latency-sensitive telemedicine," the FCC Chair said Thursday.
  • Facebook Still Fails To Prevent Discriminatory Ads
    "This was a failure in our enforcement," Facebook stated.
  • Virginia Official Takes Battle Over Facebook Block To Appeals Court
    A local official in Virginia is appealing an order that she violated a resident's free speech rights by banning him from commenting on her Facebook page.
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