• Heat Up Cold Mail
    Landing sales meetings from a cold email exchange takes persistence and a data-driven approach to crafting the right messages and responses.
  • The Mood of the Global Affluent
    This past year saw an increase in the percentage of affluent households engaging in luxury shopping.
  • Verbatim Executive Summary
    In early 2018, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) created custom research to better understand the impact of ad length on the ad experience and business outcomes.
  • Unique And Powerful GenZ
    MNI Targeted Media Inc. has issued a paper, "Generation Z: Unique and Powerful" which will help marketers gain insights on the habits, interests and activities of Gen Z.
  • Robust eCommerce Captures Procurement Officers
    According to a recent Avionos survey of 160 U.S. B2B procurement officers, 83% of these buyers will spend more to purchase products from suppliers that offer robust eCommerce experiences.
  • Gen Z Self Defined As Agents Of Change
    More than 76% of Gen Z has purchased, or is open to purchasing, a brand or product to support the issues that brand stands for.
  • AI Shopping Assistants Next?
    A future world where mobile-based AI technology permeates the most-loved and most-hated aspects of shopping is outlined in the new report, "Beyond Smartphone Shopping - the Rise of Smart Assistants,"
  • Email Delivering Qualified Leads
    According to Liveclicker/The RelevanceGroup study of 350 US marketers, of whom 93% reported using print direct marketing, rating the effectiveness of various channels in terms of delivering revenue and results for their business, mail is tangible, targeted, scalable and trustworthy.
  • How Much Would... If A Smart Speaker Could?
    According to a new report from comScore, in a study of Smart Speaker devices, one in every 5 Wi-Fi households in the US owned at least a single Smart Speaker as of February.
  • Quality of Life Tops In Chicago And Philadelphia
    Unlike traditional banks or other fintech apps, says the report, all that customers need is an iPhone to bank seamlessly.
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