• Consumers Trust Each Other - Brands, Not So Much
    A study of 45 brands found that messages delivered via owned social media were less likely to increase purchase intent than messages delivered via earned social media. Owned social media was effective in raising brand awareness and customer satisfaction.
  • PewDiePie Doubles Down On Racist Moves
    From a marketing perspective, Felix Kjellberg's (PewDiePie) latest offense serves to highlight, yet again, the perils of working with social-media influencers. They can go off the rails at any moment.
  • New Social Net For Clinton Supporters Is Hacked
    Launched in June, Verrit is billed as a "social network for the 65.8 million," referring to the number of voters who cast their ballots for Clinton in 2016. Its mission is to provide a "sanctuary in a chaotic media environment," presumably free from the vitriol that attends political discourse in other online platforms.
  • Social Media Helps Harvey Response, But Hoaxes Are Common
    Social media has become one of the main means for disaster victims to ask for help and get news, updates and official instructions. It lets friends and family know they are OK. Conversely, the hurricane triggered its own virtual storm of fake news and hoaxes -- some of them genuinely dangerous.
  • Will Hate Trigger A Religious Revival Via Social Media?
    Religion remains a powerful force in American life and is capable of uniting people from different communities. A religious revival now, in reaction to the dangerous outburst of overtly racist and anti-Semitic ideology, would have numerous precedents in the previous Great Awakenings - a series of Christian mass revivals that swept America from 1730 to 1980.
  • Social Media Users ID White Supremacist Marchers
    After a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned violent last weekend, social-media users have been going through images of the event with a fine-tuned comb, "outing" participants to the Internet at large.
  • Trump Retweets Fake Account
    The President was duped into sharing a tweet from a person masquerading as someone else online. The Twitter account was tied to a pro-Trump e-commerce operation selling knockoffs of Trump campaign memorabilia.
  • ACLU Sues Governors For Blocking Users
    Blocking unwanted followers on social media, or "kicking losers to the curb" in technical parlance, is an unquestioned right of private citizens. But what about politicians? Can elected leaders, when using social media in their official capacities, scrub their follower lists of unwelcome critics?
  • Most Liked Social Network Is... Google+?
    Google+, long dismissed as the also-ran and afterthought of the social-media world, is actually well liked by the relatively small group of people who use it.
  • The Dark Side Of Influencers: Douchebags
    Jake Paul is a Disney star, as well as an influencer, with 8.5 million followers across YouTube, Instagram and the like. Paul is now persona non grata in his West Hollywood neighborhood because of his preferred method of entertaining his social-media audience. Think destructive.
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