• Lotame Sets Precedent, Defines 'Quality' In Data
    Lotame now runs one of the world's largest data exchanges, with 65 data providers and more than 4 billion cookies and mobile device IDs. Similar to Google, the company's direction seems to influence the entire industry.
  • Mixing Blockchain With Programmatic
    Working with agencies may be a better move for those companies lacking employees with knowledge of blockchain and programmatic technologies. Agencies often can optimize media spend and negotiate better rates, because they understand the processes better than the brand, giving them leverage in the negotiations.
  • Advertising Expert Proposes New Data-Buying Options
    Ryan Rolf, who spearheads data sales at Lotame, is calling on the industry to change its pricing model.
  • Education Gap Widens As Programmatic Performance Options Multiply
    Too many marketers still do not completely understand how to use performance marketing to its full potential through programmatic channels, according to a recent study.
  • ironSource To Develop 'Sophisticated' Measurement Capabilities
    In an effort to remind marketers that real people interact with their ads, the company is putting together a strategy for brands to measure advertising other than the basics like the number of clicks it takes for consumers to reach a website or make a purchase after viewing an ad, according to Amit Halperin, vice president of brand solutions at ironSource.
  • Facebook Ad Changes Restricting Some Legit Business Pages
    The social site has been limiting some words and content that could be related to terrorism, and now has more than 200 employees working to combat the promotion of extremist content, or what seems like extremist content. Facebook users have already begun to see the results of these efforts. -- like Jonathan Hirshon, principal of Horizon Communications and professional chef, says in a post he has tried for the past two weeks to promote a recipe on his blog, as he always does, but Facebook no longer allows him to do so. It's difficult to say whether or not changes ...
  • Bringing In Offline Data To Optimize Online Ad Bids
    Marketers don't hear much about bringing in offline data to optimize online ad bids -- but TruSignal, a predictive analytics and data company, is doing just that.
  • More Car Ads Making Impressions Without Consumer Clicks
    Some 76% of participants of a recent survey remember seeing an online car ad in the past year, with 81% of male respondents more likely to remember the ad than 70% of female respondents. But rather than clicking through, the consumer will eventually go to the dealer's or manufacturer's website, said Joel Sesco, national director of automotive at Adtaxi, a digital agency. Just seeing the ad helps to prompt a purchase in the future, he said.
  • Kantar: 'Invisible' Relationships Between Brand And Consumer
    Connecting offline data with online data raises the bar when it comes to serving and seeing relevant ads. But what about the "invisible" relationships between consumers and brands: ads that don't necessarily market or advertise the product the consumer purchases, but rather trigger a reminder or an interest?
  • MediaMath: How Machine Learning Will Change Ad Serving In 2018
    MediaMath scientists are working to apply artificial intelligence in machine-learning models that the company's chief scientists say will power smarter digital advertising this year -- predicting intent, not just predicting a response to an ad from consumers based on their past history.
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