• Cloud Formation: Best Practices For Computing Way Up There
    The cloud is a relatively new resource. Here is a review of some pending rules on the cloud under the GDPR.
  • Cyber Turkey Day: Send Your Emails On Thanksgiving, Report Says
    Want to achieve higher open rates and sales this holiday weekend? Don't wait until Black Friday to send your emails.
  • Ditch The Bunker Mentality: Email Works Better With Other Channels
    A new study by Braze shows that firms that rely only on email are leaving money on the table.
  • America First: U.S. Firms Are Best Prepared For GDPR
    Go figure -- after all the commotion, U.S. firms are more ready for GDPR than their European counterparts, Thales found in a study.
  • Email Has Arrived: SendGrid IPO Tops Expectations
    SendGrid has raised $131 million with today's initial public offering.
  • The GDPR Is Coming, The GDPR Is Coming: Tools To Help You Comply
    GDPR is only six months away. Here are some of the many tools that purportedly can help with compliance.
  • The Data Swamp: Forrester Study Shows Lack Of Transparency In Market
    Users of data -- especially third-party data -- complain of a lack of transparency into sources and validation, Forrester finds.
  • When In Rome...Why You Need To Localize Overseas Email
    Here is an international issue that has nothing to do with GDPR: How do you localize email content for national audiences?
  • Risk-Free Advertising: Ads In Email Newsletters
    Here is a service that can solve two problems at once: the non-delivery of ads due to ad blockers, and email publishers' need for revenue. Powerinbox places ads in newsletters.
  • Don't Be Phish Bait: Study Predicts Cyber Monday Surge
    Phishing attacks have victimized both U.S. and UK consumers. And top names like Amazon will be used by fraud artists during this year's Cyber Monday, a study predicts.
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