• Email Horsepower: Channel Still Produces The Best ROI
    Email beats social by a wide margin when it comes to return on investment, Campaign Monitor reports.
  • Unwelcome Emails: Channel Should Not Be Used For Collections
    Consumers seem to prefer digital channels. But that doesn't mean they want to be nagged by email.
  • Millennials Get It: They're Most Open To Retail Email
    Baby boomers are crankier about everything, from excessive email to long checkout lines, a study by Euclid finds.
  • Email Safe Haven: Are Facebook's Policies Driving Brands Away?
    Email offers greater control than Facebook, PowerInBox CEO Jeff Kupietzky says, and email can be used in a more targeted way without fear of "capricious decisions of what's acceptable."
  • Traveling Light: Retailer Sends Less Emails, Makes More Money
    TUMI, a Samsonite brand, upgraded its email program with a customer data platform.
  • Global Sieve: Few Brands Have DMARC In Place, Especially In China
    U.S. e-tailers are not doing well when it comes to DMARC adoption. But Chinese brands are worse, 250ok reports.
  • Count Us Out: Consumers Exercise Their GDPR Rights
    The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal has increased consumer wariness about data in the UK and Ireland.
  • The Sweet Spot In The C-Suite: Execs Love Email Content
    A study finds that C-level execs read email content first, followed by traditional media. But it has to be well curated.
  • Royal Flush: UK Mail Service Embraces Digital And Email
    Royal Mail will send transactional emails in yet another sign of the marriage between postal and digital.
  • Getting The Kinks Out: Marketers Still Flummoxed By GDPR, Study Shows
    A new survey shows that only a third of companies are fully compliant with GDPR. But most are working on it.
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