• Is Google AMP The End Of Email As We Know It?
    Marketers wonder: Will AMP revolutionize email marketing or simply upend it?
  • An Open Book: What Can Blockchain Do For Email?
    Blockchain will allow every single change to content to be documented. Do we really want that?
  • The Seven Hidden Measures Of Email Deliverability
    Return Path found that more emails are ending up in the spam folder -- but there are signs of improvement on other fronts.
  • Crotchety Email Issues: Results Are Up, But Budgets Are Down
    Email remains robust, but it is taking up a smaller part of the average UK marketing spend, a study shows.
  • Pay Per Play: Is An Email Response Worth $20 In Bitcoin?
    Earn.com is based on the premise that people should be paid for responding to emails. Marketers are not likely to go for it.
  • A Gentler GDPR: It May Even Help Brands, Return Path CPO Says
    Return Path's Chief Privacy Officer Dennis Dennis Dayman explains why GDPR may benefit marketers.
  • It's Raining Cyber Attacks: Barracuda Launches Daily Threat Report
    Barracuda's new service is like a weather report -- only it's about cyber attack levels. And email dominates.
  • What, Me Worry? The Rise Of The Data Unconcerneds
    Consumers are increasingly willing to share data for benefits, a UK DMA/Acxiom study shows. They will even provide it for email service.
  • How Did Hackers Get To Newtek Domains?
    Small business web domains and email went down over the weekend when hackers penetrated Newtek Technology Solutions, Krebs on Security states.
  • Down The Track And Down To Earth With GDPR
    There is confusion about GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation. But there are practical steps marketers can take.
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