• Rethinking Media
    If Google and Facebook are a duopoly, what is the market they are controlling?
  • Are You Mis-Informed?
    The fourth gathering of MisInfoCon explored the latest tools to identify fake news.
  • Streaming Is Challenging Live TV
    Linear TV was still the live-event king during the FIFA World Cup, but numbers were up significantly for live streaming of the event.
  • Who Wins And Loses When 9 Trillion Linear TV Ads Disappear?
    Linear TV viewing -- all of it loaded with ads -- is declining at a significant rate, projecting an enormous amount of lost advertising opportunity.
  • Influencer Branding Is (Surprisingly) Overlooked
    If you say you're not influenced that heavily by "influencers," I'd say, "You're crazy."
  • What A Shock: Marketers Don't Like SEO!
    This is not about SEO being hard to understand. It's about SEO being hard to do.
  • Apple Kills The SIM Card
    If Apple releases "unlocked" eSIMs on 2018 iPhone models as is expected, it loosens the control that mobile carriers currently have on customers.
  • The Ultimate Question About The Future
    Douglas Rushkoff's vomit-in-your-mouth report -- about the super-rich's plans for when the global order comes crashing down -- raises serious questions.
  • Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish
    Last month the WFA dropped a little bomb: eight principles designed to improve partnership in the ad industry. Here's what they say they wish for:
  • What Makes A Great CMO In Today's Market
    I've come to realize that, as a CMO, your day-to-day skills change dramatically the further along you go in your career, because the daunting requirements for marketing and marketing technology change just as much.
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