Marketing Investment Decision Support: It's About Time

Ever feel like you're trying to drive your brand forward while looking in the rearview mirror? Get this white paper to learn how to:

  • Optimize timing along with channel mix and spend (especially for seasonal products and programs)
  •  Account for market conditions in your marketing planning decisions
  •  Leverage these factors to improve brand performance (and predictability)



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Buyers Guide for Evaluating Identity Graphs & Management Solutions

People-based identity helps you see customers like never before, enabling a fuller understanding of first-party audiences across all devices and channels. But where do you start with identity solutions? Download the guide to evaluating identity graphs and management solutions and kick-start advanced targeting capabilities, deeper insights, enhanced customer experiences, and even applications beyond martech.

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The New State of Audience Data Quality

Lotame commissioned an independent media research company to conduct a survey with 300 brand marketers on audience data quality to uncover key trends, behaviors, concerns and decisions being made around purchasing and/or using audience data. A few survey findings include:

  • Nearly 100% of marketers view audience data as valuable

  • 42% of marketers purchase demographic (age, gender) data

  • While 84% of marketers prioritize accuracy, only 20% are very confident in data accuracy

  • 25% of marketers would pay 10% or more for their data if it was higher quality

View the full research report for data quality challenges, quality-control practices, and more.


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Marketing Intelligence

How to Convert Data into Meaningful, Business-Critical Action

The amount of data being created and collected continues to explode, increasing at exponential rates. This data gives marketers the ability to track consumers, predict outcomes, and react accordingly: in theory, right message, right person, right time. Marketing Intelligence is the information needed to drive business outcomes, elevating insights to fuel brand strategy, rather than just optimize tactics. In this white paper, you will learn:
  • What Marketing Intelligence is
  • Why it matters to your brand
  • How it helps empowers marketers to go from data to insight to business-critical action
  • How marketers can think about shifting from traditional KPIs to creating business outcomes

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