Today's Grocery Retail And George Jetson Utopia
    Digital and e-commerce are surging in the grocery retail industry. We are in the fortunate position to learn from the disruption that digital has already created in other retail verticals. But we are now moving with urgency to keep pace as the forces of digital disruption within grocery retail are accelerating.
    Transcreation 101: All You Need To Know To Maximize Your Content Efforts
    We live in a globalized era, when many times, as content producers and marketers, we create content for a campaign in one language and then translate it to reach a multicultural audience in the U.S. or consumers in other countries.
    We Got The Power: How Millennials Are Driving Consumer-First Experiences
    I've been in a few meetings over the past months where grumbling about Millennials has been an underlying theme. So entitled. Easily sidetracked. Need extra praise. Okay, some of these things may be true on a superficial level, but the Millennial generation has shown us, as consumers, the power we have that we now take for granted. Even we Gen Xers appreciate the influence that Millennials have insisted on, without even realizing it was our younger counterparts who got the ball rolling.
    1 Brand, Many Audiences: 3 Levels Of Intent
    The age of data-driven advertising is upon us and if we have the right kind of data and interpret it properly, it can reveal subtle audience differences that can help all retailers, including auto marketers, rethink how they approach different potential buyers.
    Making Motel 6 Mobile-Friendly
    Motel 6 may be best known for one of the great ad campaigns in hospitality history - the use of spokesman Tom Bodett and the tagline, "We'll leave the light on for ya." It's still running after more than 30 years.
    Hispanic Facts In 2017
    The annual "Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack" just came out and it provides an interesting snapshot of the Hispanic market in the United States. Aside from celebrating the best Hispanic advertising work and the top players in the industry, there are always thought-provoking nuggets of data that provide deeper insights into trends in the Hispanic marketplace. I've culled eight themes from the report that should provide some stimulating insights for all marketers.
    You Say Hola, I Say Alo: Hispanic Terminology Best Practices
    Hispanic Heritage Month is around the corner and with it comes an influx of brands trying to connect to the ever-growing, digitally savvy purchasing powerhouse: the Hispanic community. It's always refreshing to see brands celebrating Hispanics. Some brands are well prepared and hit the target; others get kudos for trying to craft messages that resonate, with the occasional ad that completely misses the mark. But what should marketers do to ensure that their brands get it right?
    Teens Say Goodbye To Romance
    Remember dating in your youth? Asking out a crush to dinner and a movie? Getting there and back in a car you, your date or someone's parents owned? These are all milestones of adolescence, strong memories that trigger powerful emotions ... and antiquated relics that Gen Z is increasingly consigning to the dustbin of history.
    Key Digital Insights About The 2017 Summer Travel Season
    Springtime concerns about travel bans hampering summer travel faded, and as summer 2017 draws to a close, it seemed on track to equal or surpass the strong summer travel seasons of recent years. From a digital perspective, a SimilarWeb analysis of traffic to travel sites - which is highly seasonal, peaking in the summer - showed this summer's peak of 1.07 billion visits in July is almost exactly the same peak as in July 2016. The future continues to look bright, as consumer enthusiasm for travel, and experiences more generally, continues to grow.
    Off The Red Carpet, Movie Studios Are Driving Revenue
    There is never a lot of industry buzz around the movie studio's on-demand rental business. This is when audiences at home are prompted to rent and/or buy a film through their television provider via pushing a button on their remote control. While the rental window lacks the sex appeal, budgets and the excitement of opening weekend at the box office, studio executives are now starting to pay more attention to monetizing the digital distribution of their releases.
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