Master The Journey To Digital: 4 Areas Of Focus For CPGs
    Historic CPG leaders are falling behind as their smaller, digitally enabled counterparts rewrite the rules and consumer expectations are changed by digitally native operators such as Uber, Amazon and Netflix.
    AR Raises The Stakes On Brand Responsibility
    Augmented reality creates the opportunity for brands to be more intrusive than ever because it's more a filter for living than a medium for accessing content. As wearers literally experience life through the lens of their smartphones, glasses or headsets, brands are invited into a more personal, subjective, sensitive relationship than marketers could have imagined a generation ago.
    Young New Moms Expect A Lot From Labor, Delivery Experiences
    Hospital stays are becoming more and more like hotel stays when it comes to the amenities that young expectant mothers are looking for when heading in to deliver their child. Young moms who are accustomed to life in the digital era, with options such as one-click buying and same-day drone delivery service, are expecting a more customized experience in every aspect of their lives - not just retail.
    Choosing The Right Tech Tools For Marketing
    In the past, when senior marketers heard the words "experiential marketing," one of the first associations was likely around stunts - or maybe even a connection to guerrilla marketing. It was something either done in a mall or on a crowded shopping street that had very little to do with AI, AR or IoT. Nowadays, progressive brands are integrating these technologies to offer complex, multifaceted experiences at scale.
    Go From Big Corporation To Likable Brand
    In the gilded age of small batch, local, authenticity, and transparency, big corporations often get cast, unfairly, as the villain. While no company is perfect, most large entities get a bit of a bad rap. So, how do establishments stop acting like The Man, and regain the respect of the people? If you’re still using “Likes” as a form of analytical measurement in 2018, you might as well be using an abacus to calculate the tip for dinner. Likes are a thing of the past, but likability is the key to the future of brand perception, and likability is measured ...
    Brands Must Refocus On Earning Reputation By Permission
    I recently read in an advertising column that the two major trends for marketing are "authenticity" and "transparency." I scratched my head and thought, "Trends?" This is why many brands are failing, built upon a version of marketing leadership that drives disregard for institutions, government and capitalism itself.
    3 Steps To Up-level Traditional Demographics
    How does a 54 year old make a decision about which non-profit to support? How does an Hispanic man choose a favorite coffee brand? Making sweeping generalizations about the way that people make buying decisions based on age, race, or gender seems ineffective, but for years, it's been all that marketers had to go on.
    Empathy By Design
    Ideas that understand their customer.
    Dear Marketers, Data Alone Cannot Cure Your Personalization Problems
    In a recent survey of our Fortune 500 customers, we asked them to rank their most common data challenges. Integrating multiple data sources was the top result, with analyzing data to draw insights and acting on the data tied for second place.
    Wondering About 2018? Read This Report
    Yes, you're too busy to read 50 pages about 2018 travel trends. But if you want to make sense of what might be coming up this year, it might be worth your while to read "From the Front Line: Luxury Vacation Trends," written by Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations, a luxury travel agency. There's a lot for marketers to chew on from this keen observer of the industry.
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