Let's Be Honest, Content Drives Movie Ticket Sales
    The reports of the death of the movies have been greatly exaggerated. The industry loves to cry that the end is near, from the dawn of TV to the current age of streaming. Americans still spend over $11 billion at movie theaters annually, and today's Millennial and Gen Z audiences, like generations before them, say that they are passionate about movies and moviegoing.
    U.S. Hispanics Know What's Up With WhatsApp
    Ask the average U.S. social media user if they know about the messaging and Voice Over IP application called WhatsApp, and you will most likely get a shrug and a quizzical, "What app?"
    Snapchat: The Gateway To Gen Z
    Along with waiting for the next Shawn Mendes song to come out or watching the latest vlog from Connor Franta, Generation Z not only cares about keeping its Snapchat streak alive, but also uses this social platform as a way to connect with brands.
    Addressing Stigma In Hispanic Mental Health Communications
    There are few challenges more vexing in health care marketing than the therapeutic areas of behavioral and mental health. Some would argue that chief among them is the social stigma associated with mental health - the cultural imperative to keep a patient and their problems under wraps, both literally and figuratively.
    What Brands Should Be Asking About Mobile Data
    Brands have been working hard to utilize their first-party data for reaching mobile audiences. But those relying on internal assets alone, often sparse and incomplete, miss the tremendous added value of third-party data.
    World Cup: 64 Super Bowls In A Month
    Each World Cup match viewership is roughly equivalent to that of the Super Bowl. So from June 14 - July 15, brands have 64 Super Bowl-sized opportunities to reach soccer fans.
    All Bow To Amazon?
    Amazon is dominating retail. That's hardly a secret. As a result, established brands are struggling to maintain market share, and brick-and-mortar stores are bending over backwards to try and lure shoppers back in. Others have thrown in the towel, with Toys R Us as the most recent casualty of Amazon's aggressive tactics.
    Brands, Here's How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself On Social
    With more than eight out of ten consumers expecting brands to take a stand on political issues, there's more pressure than ever for marketers to develop strategies to weigh in.
    The U.S. Food Fight: Recipes For Brand Success
    The U.S. food and beverage industry is experiencing a seismic shift. Changing consumer preferences, macro-economic forces, a new competitive landscape and rapid technology innovation are creating a challenging environment for large CPG food and beverage manufacturers. Many are experiencing slow growth, decreasing market share and brand value as a result.
    One Day At A Time Can't Come Fast Enough For Latinas
    Young Latina Fernanda Vazquez received her first paycheck and celebrates with her extended family in a tender moment of accomplishment in "Girl's First Check" by Wells Fargo. Notable? Yes, as it was one of the first national ads that featured one of the biggest, yet least acknowledged, shifts occurring in the U.S. Hispanic market - the professionalization of Latinas.
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