Don't Leave Sports-Fan Sentiment Analysis To A Machine
    Machine learning, AI and web scrapers that identify language patterns are not a substitute for the human element.
    Postcards Go High-Tech
    Snail mail -- with a high-tech twist -- is the medium Winter Park, the Colorado ski resort, is deploying in an effort to reach niche markets.
    How 'Real Housewives' Embody Core Tenets Of Brand Management
    It's easy to get caught up in demand-gen, PR, ad spend and ROI, but don't lose sight of what drives success across all touchpoints: a strong brand.
    Four Pillars Of Programmatic Readiness
    Organizations wanting to try programmatic advertising on their own can review these four pillars to assess overall readiness.
    Hey, Friend, It's Your Brand Calling
    We can talk about friends. We can talk about brands. Let's talk about brands that are your friend.
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    A Big-Picture Approach To Digital Advertising
    CMOs want to understand how their advertising efforts affect overall revenue and how to improve upon that same success again and again. Here's how to do so.
    Your First Day As CMO: 3 Strategic Steps To Take
    So you got your dream job: CMO of A Very Cool Brand. You can't wait to make some really big things happen. But where do you even start?
    7 Tips For Handling Ad Blockers
    The people have spoken, loudly and clearly: They don't want or trust advertising messages. So what's a marketer to do?
    How To Recruit Today's Teen Worker
    It's a seller's market for talent, and companies in some industries are finding it difficult to attract young, entry-level workers.
    Why The Financial Services Industry Should Target Hispanics
    Financial services providers have largely been slow to focus directly on this growing and fiscally empowered audience.
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