• Pinterest, Fashion Engine Lyst Predict Halloween Trends Based On Pins, Saves, Searches
    Fashion search engine Lyst has teamed up with Pinterest to predict what everyone will wear this Halloween. The report analyzes searches, pins and saves across a combined 180 million monthly users worldwide.
  • Google To Lose Millions From Restricting Addiction Treatment Search Ads
    Advertisers spent about $78.1 million for desktop search ads based on 157-related keywords for addiction treatment and rehabilitation from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017, according to data released this week.
  • Google Search Direct Links To Let Readers Borrow Ebooks From Local Library
    Google announced the search tool in a tweet on Twitter. "Calling all U.S. bookworms! Now you can take a look at what e-books are available to borrow at your local library, right from search," per the Google tweet.
  • Branded Content Proves Valuable As A Traffic Source For Financial Sites
    The boom in credit card use may be due to banks' willingness to offer people with the highest credit rating more money or consumers who feel better about the economy and would rather use plastic than PayPal or some other form of direct cash payment service.
  • Bing Agency Awards Winners For 2017
    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah hosted the second Bing Agency Awards Thursday evening at the Capitale in New York City. More than 350 industry experts dressed in black tie came to honor the individuals and teams behind some of the most creative work in the search industry.
  • Google Teases Pixel 2 Phone Using Search Engine Images
    The better the phone, the more consumers want it, and the easier it will become for advertisers to reach potential and existing customers through one of the most successful advertising companies.
  • Study Details Why Links Remain A Powerful Ranking Factor In Search Engine Queries
    When a web page is not relevant to a query, it should not rank at the top, but the authors of a study on website ranking factors for search engines say the discussion requires a close look.
  • Google Made Diversity A Keyword
    An employee-led effort to find out whether men are paid more than women at Google reveals a mixed picture -- but for the most part, women on average are paid less, especially at mid-levels, according to one report.
  • Fjord: Optimizing Voice Search As Visual Morphs Into Audible Design
    Audible design will become the next challenge for search marketers as voice search on mobile, desktop and voice hubs replaces texting or typing a query into a search box. John Jones, senior vice president of design strategy at Fjord, a consultancy at Accenture Interactive, talks about three important steps marketers must consider.
  • How Sprint Will Expand On Its Search Advertising In House
    Sprint plans to focus on digital and to hire more than 100 employees in the coming weeks as it creates a new in-house digital marketing agency. While not all openings will focus on search advertising, there are specific opportunities for marketers to support search.
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