• Adthena Tracks NBA Finals Keyword Terms
    Kayak and Expedia came out the biggest winners in terms of click share during the Finals series for the term "Cleveland Cavaliers." Expedia dominated the term "Flights to Cleveland" with a click-share rate of at least 27% throughout the final games.
  • Onward To Digital And Innovative Ideas
    The shift to digital and emerging technologies and the inability of some large holding companies to meet the needs of brands has fostered the growth of smaller, independent agencies created by industry vets who believe they can fill the gaps being created by big holding companies.
  • Search: Men Outspent Women For Father's Day
    This year the top spenders were those ages 35 to 44, according to data from NetElixir, which analyzed separate data from mobile and desktop campaigns running from June 4-June 17, 2018.
  • What Google's And Craigslist's Founders Have In Common
    Google's co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page did not destroy advertising. Their company's engineers simply found a way to generate more revenue and reach more consumers than ads in newspapers, billboards, radio and television.
  • Google: Westworld And Ikea Campaigns Capitalize On Data, 150B Monthly Searches
    The Swedish retailer Ikea analyzed peoples' search questions around relationships and family drama, and began renaming its products to match some of the most searched-on phrases in google.com.
  • Amazon, Google, IAB Spending Big Bucks To Stop California Privacy Act
    The California Consumer Privacy Act is seeing financial opposition from a long list of well-known tech companies. The act, if passed, would require companies to disclose the types of information they collect about people such as search data and the data used to target ads.
  • Marin Software Integrates Data Silos, Introduces New Platform
    The trend toward combining search and social campaigns led Marin Software to launch the next generation of its cross-channel advertising platform to help brands better integrate and manage many types of media.
  • Search Engines Fail To Gain Trust Of Internet Users
    Only 3% of the 1,000 internet users surveyed between the ages of 18 and 35 say they trust search engines like Google or Bing to keep their data private and safe. Just 4% trust social sites like Facebook, 6% trust email providers like AOL, Yahoo or Gmail.
  • President Trump And The Nobel Peace Prize
    Is it possible that President Donald Trump could win the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un?
  • Google Sent 6M Search-Spam Related Messages To Site Owners
    Google is asking for help to keep its search results clean after sending about 6 million "manual action messages" to webmasters in 2017 about spammy content on their site, along with guidelines and details on how to fix the problems.
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