• Brands Drop NRA Co-Branding Programs After Customers Protest
    Following the lead of students nationwide inspired by the activism of survivors of the Parkland massacre and citing "customer feedback," the First National Bank of Omaha stood up to the National Rifle Association yesterday, saying that it would not renew the contract for its NRA-branded Visa card. That news was followed by Enterprise Holdings, which controls the Alamo, National and Enterprise car rental brands, announcing that it would stop offering NRA-member discounts.
  • As A Start, Home Is Where Walmart's Digital-Shopping Heart Is
    Following disappointing Q4 e-commerce growth, Walmart will launch a more sophisticated home products shopping experience on Walmart.com.
  • Study Finds Food Quality Matters For Weight Loss, Not Calories
    "Low Fat!" "Low Carbs!" "Low Calories!" Doesn't matter, and what works for one person may not work for another. A new study that could have a major impact on the way food is produced and marketed finds that the quality of the food ingested trumps all else when it comes to controlling weight.
  • Albertsons Buying Remainder Of Rite Aid Stores To Form New Entity
    Boise, Idaho-based Albertsons, which operates stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia under 19 banners including Safeway and Vons, is close to acquiring the roughly 2,000 Rite Aid stores that are not being acquired by Walgreens Boots Alliance, the "Wall Street Journal" reports this morning. A yet-to-be-named new company created by the merger will then operate about 4,900 stores and 4,300 pharmacies and generate $83 billion in annual sales.
  • 'Black Panther' Opens Riding Strong Viral Marketing, WOM
    Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther" opened last night amid strong word of mouth, rave reviews and stories that confirm earlier stories - including a "Time" cover by Jamil Smith - that's it's more than just a decidedly different Marvel movie because it features black superheroes.
  • McDonald's Is Taking Cheeseburgers Off Happy Meal Menu Boards
    McDonald's this morning released the details of a five-year plan to restrict half of its Happy Meal offerings to platters with 600 calories or fewer with 10% of calories from saturated fat, 10% from added sugar and 650mg sodium. It will also remove artificial flavors and colors and reduce artificial preservatives "where feasible." And - are you ready?- it will no longer list the cheeseburger on its menu boards.
  • Taco Bell's Brian Niccol Tapped To Lead Chipotle Out Of Its Miseries
    After an extensive search, beleaguered Chipotle yesterday named Brian Niccol as its CEO, replacing founder Steve Els, who will become executive chairman on March 5. Niccol has been credited with revitalizing Taco Bell as its CEO in recent years.
  • Barnes & Noble Would Rather Talk About Its New Hire Than Layoffs
    Barnes & Noble is laying off workers following a dismal holiday season but it has hired a new chief merchandising officer and appears intent on focusing on streamlining and revamping for the future.
  • Purdue Lays Offs Reps, Says It Will Stop Pushing OxyContin To Doctors
    Purdue Pharma, the maker of opioid-based OxyContin, said over the weekend that it will no longer promote the drug to physicians and announced that it was laying off more than half of its sales representatives as a result, leaving about 200 salespeople to sell non-opioid products.
  • Whole Foods Offers Free Delivery To Amazon Primers In 4 Markets
    Amazon is offering free - but don't neglect to tip the driver - two-hour delivery of a swath of Whole Foods products in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach to Amazon Prime members as of yesterday and it plans to expand the program "across the U.S." sometime this year. Orders must be above $35; delivery within one hour will cost $7.99.
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