• Networks Bar Critics From Writing 'First Impressions' Of New Shows
    This summer, some networks are asking TV critics to refrain from writing "first look" columns based on the fall pilots they've already received, which are subject to change before final airing.
  • News Conference Was Trump's Worst TV Performance
    At one point during the news conference in which Trump appeared Monday from Helsinki, Finland, he absentmindedly stuck an index finger in one ear as if to clean out an errant bit of wax -- this while being televised globally.
  • For Best Actor In A Comedy: Sacha Baron Cohen
    In his new show, "Who Is America?" on Showtime, Cohen creates four new characters and shows himself to be an accomplished actor, too.
  • Emmy Nominations Are A Reflection Of Where TV Is Now
    Judging by this year's Emmy Award nominations, TV today presents an embarrassment of riches when it comes to quality content.
  • 'GMA' Bikini Parade Showed Other Side Of Swimsuit Pageant Debate
    During a serious discussion about why the swimsuits should be done away with, "GMA's" producers provided a steady stream of bikini-clad beauties.
  • Sacha Cohen Reaps Publicity From Bamboozling Sarah Palin
    Palin is complaining this week that she was duped into an interview with Cohen for his new show "Who Is America?"
  • You Talkin' To Me? On Lifetime, Taxi Driver Is A Psychic
    In this new reality series, your ride-share driver is a self-proclaimed medium who wants to talk about your dead relatives.
  • 'Great British Baking Show' Rises Quietly To The Top
    The show is an oasis from the chaos and tumult that characterizes almost every other precinct of television.
  • CW's 'Outpost' Is 'Game Of Thrones' On A Budget
    If summer is the season for escapism, then the time is right to visit "The Outpost."
  • 'Sharp Objects' Offers The Worst Our World Has To Offer
    TV viewers or anybody else are free to take up their leisure time watching shows like this one. But what is the value?
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