• Jimmy Dean Product Placement Almost Kills Young Sheldon
    So let me get this straight: The brand got integrated into "Young Sheldon" not for its better qualities, but to play a role in nearly choking a boy to death. How much did that cost?
  • Hallmark's Conquest Of Christmas Comes To Manhattan
    In a vacant retail space on the western end of one of Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods, Hallmark has set up a pop-up facility it calls the Museum of Christmas.
  • You Must Remember This: They're Making A New 'Roseanne'
    In case you forgot, ABC is making a new "Roseanne." The news surrounding this epic reboot has been surprisingly scanty.
  • Skepticism Greets Rumors Of A 'Deadwood' Revival
    If a "Deadwood" actually comes to HBO next year, it will be more than 10 years since it was last promised. "Deadwood" fans are no doubt excited by this news, which suddenly appeared on various entertainment-trade sites and elsewhere over the weekend.
  • 'Mr. Robot' Outdoes Itself With 'Single-Take' Episode
    An episode of "Mr. Robot" last week demonstrated how far TV has come in its adoption of cinematic production qualities.
  • In Showdown With Critics, Disney Blinks -- For Now
    A recent clash between Disney and the nation's community of movie critics could be a harbinger of things to come.
  • Football Player's New Reality: 'The Cromarties' On USA
    The incredible thing about this new reality show on USA Network about an NFL star's family is that TV is still making shows like this.
  • Comedy Called 'No Activity' Should Attract No Viewership
    "No Activity" is about nothing, literally. It is a comedy about cops on a very, very tedious stakeout at some sort of port facility in which nothing happens.
  • Did Larry David Bomb On 'SNL'? Three People Think So
    A story that purports to report on "criticism" leveled at Larry David in the wake of his "Saturday Night Live" monologue illustrates what's wrong with most journalism today.
  • Idiotic USA Network Depression Drama Makes Little Sense
    The basic elements of effective storytelling take a holiday in a Depression Era dramatic series coming to USA Network this week.
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