• No View For You! Upcoming Shows Unavailable To TV Critics
    It may just be coincidental, but for the first time in memory, a handful of upcoming new high-profile TV shows are not being made available to TV columnists and critics in advance of their air dates.
  • Seen One Bumpy-Headed Alien And You've Seen 'Em All
    Bumpy-headed aliens, a long-time staple of futuristic space shows, can be seen this fall on "The Orville" and the new "Star Trek: Discovery" coming to CBS and CBS All Access starting this coming Sunday.
  • Emmys Underscore TV's Growing Emphasis On Viewers Over Advertisers
    What do the big winners at Sunday's Emmy Awards have in common? They don't take commercials, folks. That's not their purpose. They exist to lure subscribers, not advertisers.
  • 'Honeymooners' Musical Gets Ready To Hit That High Note
    A stage-musical version of one of the most loved TV shows of all time will run through Oct. 29 in Millburn, New Jersey. After that, it might be Broadway-bound.
  • Lesson Of Jemele Hill ESPN Fracas: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself
    As a public media personality, Hill should have thought twice before issuing her tweet about Trump and white supremacists.
  • What This Year's Emmys Tell Us About The State Of The TV Biz
    With the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards coming this Sunday, Sept. 17 on CBS, here are a few things we can glean about TV now.
  • Hillary's Turn: In A TV Book Tour, Clinton Has Scores To Settle
    Hillary Clinton reemerges this month on the talk-show circuit in support of a new book one year after the final weeks of the presidential campaign that ended in her defeat by Donald Trump.
  • High School Confidential: A Tale Of Two Press Releases
    Two docuseries set inside an American high school from National Geographic and A&E premiere in a few weeks, coinciding more or less with the start of the school year.
  • A Day Of Television Like No Other: A 9/11 Memory
    For many of us in the news business that day, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 would be the biggest story of our lives.
  • 'That Hooker Show': 'The Deuce' Is Dreary Drama About '70s Prostitutes
    Despite the effort that evidently went into the production of "The Deuce" to depict New York City in 1971, watching the actual show is a dismal, dreary, ugly experience.
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